Love notes

  • the faccinis

    “Writing this card fills us with mixed emotions.  We are extremely happy to finally be married and a little bit sad to have reached the end of our wedding weekend.  Included in that sadness is the knowledge that our contact with you  is ending…for now!  Your vision for our wedding was even more beautiful when it became a reality.   There has been universal praise from all of our guests of what they experienced this weekend.  It was nothing short of magical, and we will always love you for creating the magic that was our wedding. “

  • the oatmans

    “Where do I even start??  Probably with “I miss you”.  I swear I am going through Luxe withdrawls.  Your energy, your knowledge, and enthusiasm made every aspect of wedding planning fun.  I felt like you guys “got me” from the very beginning and then I felt like you had my back the whole rest of the way.   The wedding was everything I had envisioned and more.  Walking into the reception nearly took my breath away. The flowers, the candles, the twinkle lights.  The black chairs and plates against the white tables- I wish I could live in that magical museum forever!  Thank-you for everything you did to make it all happen. But most of all- thank you for making me feel like anything was possible (even if it required scaling 20ft walls).  You guys are simply the best.”

  • the balitangs

    “Words can’t describe how great you two have been but we’ll start with this:  WOW~  you took this anxious, overthinking and disorganized bride and held her hand for two years.  You consistently took me as I am and because of that I felt okay to be myself on our wedding day.  For someone living over seas, this meant the world to me.  For Dexter, comfort and happiness in the planning process was key.  Nobody can hold a candle to you super ladies.  Honest yet respectful, fun yet poised, ‘on point’ but adaptable…we’re so proud to tell anyone and everyone you were our planners!  Your dedication to your work is beyond commendable.  You ladies were everywhere and nowhere to be seen at times, like skilled and beautiful ninjas.  You guys were the unspoken heros. “

  • the rosecrans

    “Right from our first meeting I knew you would be the person who could take my vision and bring it to life.  I knew you “got us” and could see what we wanted.  What I didn’t expect was that it would be 100x’s more dreamy, beautiful, detailed, polished, and perfect than our imagination had created.   All I wanted to do was freeze time so that we could just hang out for hours and live in all the spaces you created, and really soak up every detail you had perfectly placed in every nook & cranny.  I feel so fortunate to have the pictures to remember it all by, I am going to make an album just of all the portrait shots of your work.  More than anything know how grateful we both are that you chose us. You stuck by us through thick and thin, and we are forever indebted to you.   You are a special person with so much talent.  You have all of our appreciation. “

  • the watkins

    “I wish 10 stars was an option. These girls are SO good at what they do. I had a destination wedding and they took every bit of stress out of planning and nailed my “vision” down to every little detail. Jenny pulled together the designs perfectly and always helped me make decisions. Cara was so on top of it during our wedding day and there wasn’t anything she hadn’t asked ahead of time. They truly care about the people they work with and made all of our requests a reality!”

  • the irwins

    How do we even begin to thank you for the best day of our lives. Between me always thinking I can do more than I actually can and Zareth being his zen self I thought we did not need a wedding planner. We could not have been more mistaken because you were the best decision of the whole process! We appreciate your attention to detail, ability to gracefully navigate family & relationship dynamics and your dedication to keeping our wedding authentic to us. We couldn’t have asked for a better day, one that we didn’t even know we wanted in the beginning. We got so many comments from guests that ours was the best wedding they had ever been to, and we know that much of that was because of all the behind-the-scenes work you & Cara did. We enjoyed sharing this special window into our lives with you, working with you, and becoming friends. We hope that you will stay in touch, and if you ever need a reference have them contact us! We we will never forget all you did for us, and the beautiful memories you helped us create.

  • the hays

    I’m typing this sockless because they were blown off at Erica & Brandons AMAZING wedding.  I’ll admit I was skeptical when Erica told me she’d decided to hire wedding planners. I mean…it was a small wedding with an even smaller budget…would it really make sense to use a fair chunk of that money to hire professionals to organize 65 or so guests? My answer now is a resounding, “YES!” As Mother-of-the-Bride, I expected stress to surround me like a toxic cloud before, during, and after the wedding. Certainly that’s what my friends’ experienced when their daughters married. Instead, I was relaxed, delighted, and fully present for my daughter because every little detail was handled by the two of you! -Mother of the Bride, Sara