Luxe Wedding: Eliza & Jason

August 5, 2016   |   Posted in:

The truth is, as a wedding planner, I get to see quite a few memorable and beautiful moments. And when a moment is as authentic and surreal as this particular weddings final moments, well this 10 year planning veteran gets the goosies, teary eyes, and a lump in her throat.

Eliza, Jason and family found me while planning their Hotel Del wedding long distance.  After meeting them I knew this wedding was very truly and centrally about their commitment, the family, and creating a sense of intimacy for the small wedding reception of loved guests.   Their wedding location was set against the iconic Hotel Del, and they chose to have their wedding on the beachfront property.  Wood archways and cabanas grounded the long styled dinner reception.

In the last moments of the wedding the space was alive with stunning lighting, and the humming of guests who lined up to form a goodbye.  The Jack Johnsons sounds of the guitarist played as these two ran through the sparkler filled group of their favorite humans and off to that elegant hotel ahead. Happily ever after perfection.

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Vendor Love
Design & Coordination: Luxe Events
Photography: Bryan Miller Photography
Florist: Blush Botanicals
Venue: Hotel Del Coronado
Rentals: Farm Tables & More
Paper: Brightly Designed
Linens: La Tavola Linen
Hair & Make-up: The Hair & Make-up Box

Tropical Chic

July 12, 2016   |   Posted in:

When Blush Botanicals asks us to participate in anything, no matter how busy I am, the answer is YES. Because, well they bring IT every time. Enter a favorite photographer, a rental company with a treasure trove of goodies and we have recipe for some creative juices to flow.

We designed a tropical inspired tabletop filled to the brim with lush jungle foliage, paired with worn woods and crisp whites. Place settings are elevated with cut crystal and rose gold finishes. A blend of old and new, fancy and relaxed, organic green and wildly bright. And can we please talk about the amazingly perfect paper match to the design with the menus, invites and place cards? The result is a tropic paradise ready to host the chicest of summer soirees.

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Vendor Love
Design & Coordination: Luxe Events
Photography: Bryan Miller Photography
Rentals: Archive Rentals
Florist: Blush Botanicals
Paper Design: Brightly Designed
Venue: The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe
Make-Up/Model: Make-up by Sarah